Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/31 Get away bags rescheduled and FW Update for 8/4

Nick called FW and due to scheduling complications we are not able to do the dinner with the team in FW, HOWEVER, we will be getting together on the morning of Sunday Aug 4th to make sack lunch bags for the team. They will be given to them after the double header in the lobby of the hotel. There will be a sign put up in the locker room on the 3rd or 4th stating that. Also a note will be given to the coach staff...this way the players wont go out to eat as the hotel is one block from the stadium and they do not ride the bus to and from the park to hotel. With that said the scheduled get away bags on 7/31, will be moved to 8/26 after the game. The final dinner is 8/25 and the get away bags now on 8/26 will be the final home even with the team. If you are interested in going to FW on the 4th, it is a double header and I will need names for the pass list! I should be at the next 8 home games so if anyone has questions they can email me or find me at the park!

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