Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Events

We've got a few things going on in July, so here is a rundown of the important dates coming up:

July 14th: Meeting at Buddies in Holt @ 6:30

July 24th: Membership Table

July 26th: Dinner and Get away bags. We will be deciding on the dinner menu at the meeting on the 14th. Get away bags will be packed after dinner as the team leaves on the 28th for another road trip!

July 27th: GOLF OUTING @ EL DORADO MASON AT 9:00 AM for registering and 10 AM Golf start time. Please get any last minute donations and teams that you can and report those at the meeting on the 14th, as that is the last meeting before the outing!

*We only have 1 more dinner after July's, which includes an Ice Cream Social (Desert) with the last dinner and 1 more get away bag and a Special Send off bag on Sept. 4th. We need to decide what is something we would like to put in those bags for the team, even though they will be back on Sept. 10th for playoffs. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


June Events:

*Dinner is Sunday June 7th. We are having Lasagna. Bring what you signed up for. If you have any questions, see Carole.

*Get away bags, June 8th, after game. This is a 12:05 game. We can either pack them after the dinner on the 7th or wait until the 8th. June 9th is an off day, but they head out to Quad Cities on the 10th for a 3 game series and also to Cedar Rapids for a 3 game series. I know we just did bags on May 25th, but we had moved them back to that day. This is their first trip to Iowa this season.

*Meeting is June 9th at Buddies, 6:30 p.m. Hope to see everyone there!

* June 19th is our next membership table. I will have golf outing fliers at the table. Hopefully we will have our canvas shopping bags in, and I will also have a few of those at the table. 

*June 23rd is the MWL All-Star game @ Dozer Park in Peoria, IL. A few members will be in attendance to cheer on our All-Stars, as long as the rest of the East All-Stars to Victory. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 2015

Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday, May 12th at buddies in Holt at 6:30. We are not in the normal room due to it being booked already. We will be in the left hand side area once you walk in the door. We will discuss our Dinner that we had on the 3rd. Get away bags are coming up again on 5/25. The game is at noon and bags will be packed after the game. If you cannot make it the 25th, please bring snacks for 36 before the 25th. We will be planning out event on the 17th at the White Caps. More details to follow. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Season!

We have finally made it to the 2015 Lansing Lugnuts Baseball Season! Sorry for the lack of updates, been a real busy time as of late. I have updated some of the pages including our calendar of Events and Major Leauge Lugnuts and more so check it all out!

Important Dates coming up in April:

14th: Booster Meeting at Buddies in Holt at 6:30. We will be talking about last minute ideas/changes to the menu for our 1st dinner on April 19th. Main dish is beef stew and I will get a list of who's bringing what and post it on here. We will also briefly talk about our first get away bags on the 23rd after the game. Reminder bring snacks for 36 and we will be packing them for the team as they go off to Bowling Green and Lake County. First long trip of the season! 

18th: Membership table # 1. (weather permitting). Game is at 5:05 and we are usually located by nuts and bolts and are there until around the 5th inning.

19th: Welcome to Lansing Dinner after the game. Game time is 2:05

23rd: Get away bags after the game.

Our next meeting is Tuesday May 12th!