Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bleacher Report 2013 Top 10 Toronto Blue Jays Prospects

The Above link will take you to a slide show of their top 10 Blue Jays Prospects of 2013 with a lot of information about each player! Includes former Lugnuts and possible future players!

Monday, February 25, 2013

First Event of the 2013 Season!

We will be meeting at Buddies in Holt on Sat. March 9th at 3:00 p.m.  for our annual "Spring Warm-Up Dinner." Members of the Lugnuts's staff will be on hand and will let us know what to expect for the upcoming season. Dinner is on your own. This will also be our March meeting date as well. We will be planning our events for April. They include: Welcome to Lansing Bags, Get-away-bags to start out the season, as well one later in April. The most important topic will be our menu for the first team dinner on Sat. April 13th. The game is at 2:05, and dinner will be following the game. What each person is bringing will be posted that way we all remember who is bringing what and who can sign up. Bring any ideas or questions to the dinner and the meeting!

A fresh start!

Welcome to the new Lansing Lugnuts Booster Club website! We will have a calendar of events so everyone knows what is going on. When the event gets closer, more information will be available in a blog post. Use the contact tab to email us with any questions, application submissions and comments and ideas. To see what we are all about, please click on the mission statement tab. We will always be updating this site with tabs, posts and any other important information. If you wonder where did my favorite Lugnut(s) go, please check under the transaction tab. We will bring you updates on those players every so often to know how they are doing. Want to know how the Lugnuts did the game before? I will post a link after every game to check out the box score and recap. We will have links to the Lansing Lugnuts Website, Toronto Blue Jays Website, Midwest League Website and a link to search for a player (under Blue Jays Links). That will tell you where that player is currently playing and their stats so far! We are open to any suggestions and more information will be coming soon!