Booster Event Photos

Iaian Kadish

Iaian and Ben White

Justin Jackson

Carole (Secretary) Cal (President)


LeAnn (Travel Chair)

Marcia and Kramer Champlin

Kellen Sweeney

Marcia Bullard

Justin Jackson

Matt Johnson and Carole

Matt Johnson and Carole

Ben White and Kramer Champlin

Seth Conner and Mark (Bus Driver)

Taylor Cole

Christian Lopes

Seth Conner

Seth Conner


Arik Sikula

Ben White

Christian Lopes

Christian Lopes and Gustavo Pierre

Booster Club Members feeding the players

Gustavo and Carole

Christian Lopes

Kevin Patterson

Kevin and Christian

Emilo Guerrero

Javier Avendano


Efrain Nieves

Ben White

Carole and Cal

President Cal

Players in line for food

Dan Hills and LeAnne

Dan Hills

Jesse's Book. We have them on sale for $15/each

Carole and Tucker Donahue

Tucker Donahue

Jesse Signing Book 

These are the pictures from the Booster Event from South Bend on Sunday May 26th, 2013. We cheered on the team during the game, and fed the team after at the bus. Our next event of this nature will be on Sunday June 9th at the West Michigan White Caps. We will be serving sloppy joe's. 

Lugnuts Booster Event With the Players 6/9/13 @West Michigan. We once again cheered on the team during the games (a double header) and fed the team after the game in the 3rd base picnic area. We had pulled pork, mac and cheese, meatballs, chips, sandwich meats and more. Our next event like this one will be in Fort Wayne on August 4th. 

Cal (President)

LeAnn (Travel Chair)

Javier Avendano

Players in line for food

Taylor Cole

Seth Conner and Kellen Sweeney

Alanzo Gonzalez

Matt Johnson

Players Eating

Fran and Grandkids

Taylor and Seth 

Santiago  Nessey

Noah and Braxton Horstman

Efrain Nieves

Efrain and Dan Hills (Booster Club)

Players enjoying their dinner

Nieves, Avandano and Nessey

Players eating again

Jesse (Broadcaster) Cal and Griffen

Players talking and eating

Getting a wave from Seth




Emilio and Dwight


Taylor and LeAnn



Wil Browning

Kramer Champlin

Marcia and Cal

Marcia and Cal again


Cal and LeAnn

Marcia and Carol

Dan cutting buns and sampling at same time

Will and Christian


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