Types of Events and Descriptions

These are the different types of events we do throughout the season and a description about each one.

Make sure you check out the Calendar of Events for exact dates of these following events.

Get-away Snack Bags:

For long road trips we pack the players, coach's, trainers, bus drive and radio broadcasters a bag full of assorted goodies. We usually back these near the end of the game before the long road trip. We pack 35 bags in total. Some items that have been in the bags have been water, chips, cookies, granola bars, energy bars and homemade items just to name a few. Everyone is very appreciative of the snack bags and look forward to them. To donate items bring them to the day we pack the bags or if not able to bring them on that day, arrangements can be made to bring snacks early and stored in a safe place until we pack them. 

Welcome to Lansing Bags:

These bags are packed on the day of the Lansing Lugnuts Meet the Team Event. In these bags we have packed hand warmers, hats and gloves, coupons to local restaurants who donate, Michigan Maps, Great Lansing Books, Calendar of events for Booster Events with the team and more. These are then put into their lockers by Lugnuts staff. We will accept donations for these bags. If you would like to donate contact any Booster Member in the Contacts tab.

Team Dinners:

Dinners are scheduled one Sunday a month, except in April it occurs on a Saturday. A menu is decided at the meeting before the next dinner. Then each member decides on what they would like to bring as side dishes and desserts. The dinners occur in the Spartan Locker Room after the game. Some items we have had have been ham, chili, tacos, donated food, sloppy joes as the main dish, and members have brought salads, fruits, vegetables, chips, casseroles. What each member is going to bring is also decided at the meeting before the dinner. These have great turn outs and the players and coach's are very thankful. 

Membership Tables:

Membership tables are held May-August on one selected day each month at the ballpark. We are usually located by the Nuts and Bolts Team Store. At these tables we try to sign up new members to join our club. Dues are $20 for individual and $35 for a family. The tables are held from 5:50 (when gates open) to about the middle of the 5th inning. We will answer any questions and go over the type of events we do. You can join at the table or always join the Booster Club by completing an application under the application tab. (Application coming soon). Email to roberm12@mail.lcc.edu or send it in the mail at the address provided in the contacts tab as well.

Ice Cream Socials:

Ice Cream with the team after the game on a selected day. Come and have desert with the Lugnuts after the selected game. This event is always a TBD even due to player turn out.


On occasion we will travel to an away game and cheer on the Lugnuts to another victory. Travel is on your own but we also do carpooling. Our names are on the player pass list so we get in free to these events. We have gone to West Michigan, Fort Wayne, Bowling Green, Great Lakes, South Bend in the past. We sometimes stay for a whole weekend series and have dinner with the team on one of those days. Players love the support at the away games, and we usually cheer louder than the home fans do! Some times club members will make special road trips to other ballparks and provide a small meal or snack for the team at the bus. These are fun events we like to plan.

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