Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Events

We've got a few things going on in July, so here is a rundown of the important dates coming up:

July 14th: Meeting at Buddies in Holt @ 6:30

July 24th: Membership Table

July 26th: Dinner and Get away bags. We will be deciding on the dinner menu at the meeting on the 14th. Get away bags will be packed after dinner as the team leaves on the 28th for another road trip!

July 27th: GOLF OUTING @ EL DORADO MASON AT 9:00 AM for registering and 10 AM Golf start time. Please get any last minute donations and teams that you can and report those at the meeting on the 14th, as that is the last meeting before the outing!

*We only have 1 more dinner after July's, which includes an Ice Cream Social (Desert) with the last dinner and 1 more get away bag and a Special Send off bag on Sept. 4th. We need to decide what is something we would like to put in those bags for the team, even though they will be back on Sept. 10th for playoffs.