Lansing Lugnuts Record Book!


Team Records
Season822012 (82-55)
Half-Season472012 1st Half (47-22)
Month20August 1996, May 2012
Consecutive10April 12-21, 2007
Consecutive at Home17August 4, 2007 - April 9, 2008
Consecutive on Road8August 12-31, 1998
April 20 - May 4, 2011
Half-Season432001 1st Half (27-43)
2009 1st Half (26-43)
Month20July 2003
Consecutive10July 24 - August 2, 2003
June 27 - July 7, 2013
Consecutive at Home6July 24 - August 7, 2003
Consecutive on Road9July 30 - August 11, 1998
Longest Game, Innings:17Several times
Shortest Game, Time (7 innings) 1:25May 31, 2002 vs. Beloit
Shortest Game, Time (9 innings) 1:46May 24, 2009 at Cedar Rapids
Longest Game, Time 5:31July 23, 2007 at Quad Cities (16 inn.)
Highest Batting Average.2781997
Lowest Batting Average.2402013
Most At-Bats, Season48241996
Most Runs, Season8221999
Most Runs, Game215/14/04; Lansing 21, Burlington 4
Most Runs, Inning115/18/96; Lugnuts 18, W. Michigan 6
Fewest Runs, Season5542003
Largest Margin of Victory 175/14/04; Lugnuts 21, Burlington 4
Largest Margin of Defeat   168/7/96; Fort Wayne 18, Lugnuts 2
Most Combined Runs358/31/01; Michigan 18, Lugnuts 17
Most Hits, Season13161997
Most Hits, Game223 games; last: 7/25/12
Fewest Hits, Season11032013
Most Singles, Season9401996
Fewest Singles, Season    7622013
Most Doubles, Season2881999
Most Doubles, Game           95/25/99; Lansing 16, Burlington 8
Fewest Doubles, Season2192013
Most Triples, Season631998
Fewest Triples, Season252000
Most HRs, Season1471999
Most HRs, Game56/4/04; Lansing 7, Wisconsin 2
6/15/08; Lansing 18, Great Lakes 6
Fewest HRs, Season662008
Most RBIs, Season7521999
Fewest RBIs, Season5072003
Extra-Base Hits, Season4951999
Most Walks, Season6191999
Fewest Walks, Season3922004
Most Strikeouts, Season12422008
Most Strikeouts, Game228/12/04
Fewest Strikeouts, Season8552002
Most Stolen Bases, Season2071998
Fewest Stolen Bases, Season772007
Lowest Earned Run Average3.052008
Highest Earned Run Average4.731999
Highest Batting Average Against.2852009
Lowest Batting Average Against  .2382002
Most Saves452012
Fewest Saves271996, 1997, 2013
Most Shutouts162012
Fewest Shutouts32005
Most Hits Allowed, Season13642009
Most Hits Allowed, Game264/28/96 vs. Wisconsin
Most Hits Allowed, Inning114/30/04 vs. Dayton
Fewest Hits Allowed, Season10522003
Fewest Hits Allowed, Game04/20/03; Lansing 15, Dayton 0
Most Runs Allowed, Season7501999
Most Runs Allowed, Game204/28/96 vs. Wisconsin
Most Runs Allowed, Inning11Several, last 4/30/04
Fewest Runs Allowed, Season5242002
Most Walks Allowed, Season          5612000
Most Walks Allowed, Game15 4/19/00 vs. West Michigan
 Most Walks Allowed, Inning98/2/96 vs. Michigan
Fewest Walks Allowed, Season3782011
Most Strikeouts, Season11942008
Most Strikeouts, Game194/29/01 vs. South Bend
Fewest Strikeouts, Season8061996
Most HRs Allowed, Season1271997
Most HRs Allowed, Game6 5/5/97 vs. Quad City
Fewest HRs Allowed, Season432003
Individual Records
Highest Average (minimum 200 at-bats).349Jose Amado, 1996
Most At-Bats Season558Jose Cepeda, 1996
Most Runs, Season105Kenderick Moore, 1997
Most Runs, Game5Eric Eiland, 6/15/08
Dalton Pompey, 8/26/13
Most Hits, Season166Ryan Gripp, 2000
Brian Dopirak, 2004
Most Hits, Game6Franklin German, 5/25/99
Kevin Pillar, 5/12/12
Emilio Guerrero, 8/16/13
Most Doubles, Season43K.C. Hobson, 2012
Most Doubles, Game4Nate Frese, 5/25/99
Most Triples, Season17Corey Patterson, 1999
Most Triples, Game2Several players
Last: Chris Hawkins, 7/29/13
Most Home Runs, Season39Brian Dopirak, 2004
Most Home Runs, Game3Tony Schrager, 6/5/99
Ryan Gripp, 4/15/00
Jason DuBois, 8/30/01
Most Runs Batted In, Season120Brian Dopirak, 2004
Most Runs Batted In, Game8Ryan Gripp, 4/15/00
Most Extra Base Hits, Season77Brian Dopirak, 2004
Most Base on Balls, Season103Tony Schrager, 1999
Most Base on Balls, Game4Several players;
Last: Chris Hawkins, 8/26/13
Most Strikeouts, Season154Justin Jackson, 2008
Most Strikeouts, Game5Brian Pettway, 4/23/06
John Tolisano, 5/19/08
Highest On-Base Percentage.451Jeremy Giambi, 1997
Highest Slugging Percentage.615Kevin Collins, 2004
Most Stolen Bases, Season60Chris Walker, 2004
Most Stolen Bases, Game3Several players;
Last: Carlos Ramirez, 8/9/13
Most Caught Stealing, Season21Ben Johnstone, 2000
Lowest ERA (minimum 58.0 innings)1.34B.J. Benik, 2002
Most Wins15Blaine Mull, 1996
Most Losses12Mike Wuertz, 1999
Luis Perez, 2008
Most Saves33Ajay Meyer, 2012
Most Innings Pitched174 2/3Blaine Mull, 1996
Most Complete Games3Andrew Sisco, 2003
Most Strikeouts, Season170Aaron Krawiec, 2001
Most Strikeouts, Game17Aaron Krawiec, 4/29/01
Most Base on Balls, Season87Matt Bruback, 1999
Most Base on Balls, Game9Rich Hill, 2003
Most Runs, Season117Jon Leicester, 2001
Most Earned Runs, Season90Jon Leicester, 2001
Most Home Runs, Season22Danny Core, 2005
Most Home Runs, Game3Several pitchers;
Last: Aleson Escalante, 6/29/12
Most Wild Pitches, Season20Eddy Diaz, 2001
Ben White, 2013
Most Wild Pitches, Game4Ben White, 8/29/13
Individual Most Errors, Season51Buck Coats, 2003
Individual Most Errors, Game4Gustavo Pierre, 4/26/11
Team Most Errors, Season2181996 Lugnuts
Team Most Errors, Game9May 13, 2003
Team Fewest Errors, Season1162004 Lugnuts
Most Games Played, Season137Brian Dopirak, 2004
Most Times Getting No-Hit, Season32013 (one 7-inn., two 9-inn. games)

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