Monday, March 11, 2013

Important Information and Dinner 4/13/13

First of all I would like to thank Nick and Josh for coming out to Buddies to tell us what to expect for the upcoming season. Hopefully you all received the email about NOT having the pocket schedule stuffing tomorrow due to an error on the schedule holders.

The gift for the team this year will be little pocket LED flashlights they can carry with them as suggested by Larry. Randy and Dawn will be picking those up and will be put into the welcome bags. We also need bags as we only have enough this time around. The welcome bags and get away bags will be packed together in one bag, on Wednesday April 3rd at 5pm in the Spartan Locker Room. If you have anything to donate to both the bags, please bring them to the stuffing and let me know before hand if possible. Season ticket meet the team starts at 6pm with introduction to the team at 7. Nick will put bags into players lockers.

We also need a sign for the team bus with the words Lansing Lugnuts on the front so it faces out of the bus and our logo on the back for inside the bus for the players to see.

As for the dinner: The main dish will be Beef Stew and Marcia, Fran, Randy and Mickey will be making the stew.

Biscuits: Mary Jo
Veggie Tray: Nancy
Desserts: Carol, Jackie, Carol W and Michael
Hot Chocolate: Marcia

If anyone else would like to bring something else, just comment on this post with your name what what you want to bring.

OUR NEXT MEETING: Will be AFTER meet the team in the Spartan Locker Room. We can discuss final preparations for the dinner on the 13th and other information. Hopefully we have a meeting place soon for the May meeting. Any questions? comment below.

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  1. We picked up the LED flashlights, we will bring them for the bags.

    -Randy and Dawn